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"Rituals keep us from forgetting what must not be forgotten and keep us rooted in a past from which we must not be disconnected."



Each Mayware piece is designed and wheel-thrown with intention by local Ojai artist- Jeffrey Ryan May.

Locally Made

Mayware is a love story about a local artist, his creative wife, and their life in Ojai, California.


Designed to be well-loved and used daily, our pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.


We make beautiful pottery with care and intention for our people who love bringing art into everyday living.

More than Ceramics

Welcome to the Ritual Wellness Studio, a Holistic Healing Arts + Conscious Retail Space dedicated to infusing mindful ritual into everyday living. Discover a haven where ancient wisdom meets modern-day healing modalities fostering mindfulness and spiritual awakening.


From Routine to Ritual

Welcome to our Ritual Goods Collection, a carefully curated selection of consciously sourced items designed to elevate the ritual experience in your daily life. Each item is thoughtfully chosen to help you infuse intention, mindfulness, and a deeper sense of connection into your everyday routines.


Meet the Maker

Ceramic Artist - Jeffrey Ryan May

Born and raised in the tranquil setting of Ojai, California, Jeffrey is a true native whose work embodies the conscious spirit of his hometown. His love for clay emerged in college, setting the stage for a passion-fueled journey into the craft. This path reached a pivotal point when he met Kali, fellow creative soul with an eye for design. Together, they co-founded Ritual Ceramics + Ritual Studios, a conscious endeavor that seamlessly blends the art of handmade ceramics with the ceremony of everyday living, inspiring others to fill their days with conscious ritual in place of mindless routines.

My Favorite Mug!

"There really is no other mug I would consider using since getting my hands on my Mayware Mug."

— Richard S.

Durable and made to last.

I've been using my Mayware bowls everyday for the last 7 years. They are still my favorite itIems I have in the cabinent."

— Amanda M.

The only gifts I buy.

"I've been buying Mayware for years! Each peice makes the perfect gift for birthdays or the holidays. All my friends love their Mayware gifts."

— Debbie S.

Come visit our Studio in Ojai, CA!

Ritual Ceramics Studio is now open in Ojai offering a Boutique Retail Experience, Somatic Breathwork, and Ceremony.

153 E El Roblar Drive

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